NYC taxi driver shot himself in the wake of railing at legislators

NEW YORK (AP) – A uniform taxi driver who shot himself to death outside New York’s City Hall on Monday had posted on Facebook hours sooner that legislators had decimated “an once flourishing industry”and driven him to money related demolish.

Douglas Schifter, 61, drove up toward the east entryway of City Hall on Monday morning and shot himself in the head while sitting in his auto, police said. He passed on at the scene. Nobody else was harmed.

In his Facebook posting, and in past segments in the business bulletin Black Car News, Schifter had discredited the change of New York City’s taxi industry as of late.

Real changes incorporate the presentation of ride hailing administrations like Uber and Lyft, AIRPORT TAXI PLYMOUTH which now dwarf the city’s notorious yellow taxis, an extension of taxi benefit outside of Manhattan, and an expansion of the quantity of drivers.

“Because of the immense quantities of autos accessible with frantic drivers attempting to nourish their families they press rates to beneath working expenses and power experts like me out of business,”Schifter composed. “They tally their cash and we are driven down into the avenues we drive getting to be destitute and hungry. I won’t be a slave working for chump change. I would rather be dead.”

Taxi and Limousine records demonstrate that Schifter had driven uniform taxis, dark autos and limousines since the mid 1980s.

Schifter gave himself a couple of paces from one of the fundamental security checkpoints for individuals entering City Hall.

Neil Weiss, the manager of Black Car News, said Schifter had battled fiscally and was living with more distant family in Pennsylvania.

“There’s been a great deal of changes in the transportation business in New York City over the past bundle of years and not to improve things,” said Weiss, who said he last spoke with Schifter about seven days prior. “I was trusting he was getting things together. ”

Not the greater part of Schifter’s online networking posts were about the taxi business.

He posted on Facebook a week ago about “the acknowledgment of an extraordinary clairvoyant gift”that was “empowering information to come to me that discloses to me things are so with an unmistakable inclination that reveals to me this is truth.”

He additionally posted that he trusted America is “under assault by Russia.”

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