Zindaan – Story – ARY Digital Drama

The dramatization serial Zindaan is booked to be go on air from March seventh, 2017, each Tuesday on Ary Digital at 9:00 pm. The time has reached continue with the show serial whose mysteries and trailers were enticing us from a long while. It’s an adoration triangle when the story rotates around Asad as Muneeeb Butt and Farah as Aiman Khan and Lubna as Fatima Effendi. Asad is a family arranged person and a committed individual additionally happen to be Farah’s first cousin, http://www.arydigital.tv/category/ary-digital-dramas/ clearly bound in adolescence engagement with her. Asad inclines more towards Lubna however Farah’s fixation offers massive chaos to the circumstance.

The superb and incredible story line is composed by Samina Ejaz and coordinated by Syed Atif Hussain. It unquestionably gives us with the vibes of tormented love and fixation, and it wouldn’t not be right to state that the play has really held on for genuine lessons to be learnt. Inside and out there is a war like circumstance of good and malice , we should perceive how great can vanquish the antagonism and keep the family connections in place.

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